Saturday, May 30, 2015

Iakwe everyone!!!! :D

I am in Barbados!!! This is where the new mission home will be when the West Indies mission reverts back into two missions: 1) Barbados, Bridgetown Mission and 2) Trinidad, Port of Spain Mission. The West Indies Mission is the most complicated mission in the world. So many countries all in one, it's insane all the work the Lord does for us to make His Work here possible. He really loves His children. Last week I flew to the mission home in Trinidad and met the Mehrs!!! <3 They are the Mission President and his wife and let me tell you, they are both individual, spiritual forces and together they are truly powerful representatives of Jesus Christ in His work. I am honored to serve with them for about a month and a half while the West Indies Mission still exists. I am excited to meet the new mission President though :) :) So I don't even know where to start! There is so much that has happened! Well I can tell you that missionary work is hard!  Haha! It is so wonderful though! On Wednesday I flew to Barbados and met my trainer, Sister Lometo, in the airport because were were both being held in customs! That's a whole other story ;) Here's the crazy thing, Sister Lometo has been serving in Grenada and was sent here to train me even though she has not quite been a missionary for even three months!! Her training is not even finished; God works in mysterious ways! :D :O She is a true saint though <3 She is from the Marshall islands and has just learned English, so there is a language barrier sometimes between us, but when I listen with the spirit and not my own ears, I can understand her perfectly fine. It's amazing. She is a convert, she was found by the missionaries just three years ago and she has such great faith. It is interesting to be in a new country, with new words, and new food, and new people, and new everything! I must say evergreen trees are 1000 X better than palm trees, hehe. I love it here though. I am adjusting to the humidity pretty well, which is a miracle in and of itself. So Sister Lometo and I are both new to Barbados, we don't know anyone, or where anyone is or even our own address! It's called blanking, in missionary lingo. Normally your trainer knows the area and people before you get there. It goes without saying that our first day we got lost! Haha, it wasn't funny much at the time, but now it's hilarious. God has showed us a pattern in our days so far though. We have very hard days with much struggle and rejection, BUT at the end of each day, He shows us His Miracles <3 I am so grateful to the Lord. He truly is trying to help us learn and grow, and bring others to Christ. I will write more when I can, there is so much to say and so little time! Yesterday was Zone Conference and I am spiritually exhausted from it! Which is great! God is so great and He loves us without end. My family will post pictures onto fb for me, the process is so slow on the computer here, sorry. I love you all!!! Ij Iakwe Eok!! (marshalise)
Hugs and handshakes, Sister Conrad <3

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