Sunday, July 12, 2015

Hot and rainy

Hi Everyone!!! Happy late fourth of July!!!!! Guess what?!?!?! The new mission president, President Harrington and his wife got here on Thursday!!!! We got to meet them and they are AMAZING!! <3 I love them so much!! They are so down-home and like family! I just love them <3 President Harrington is so in tune with the spirit, it's like he can read your mind, it's awesome, especially during interviews. They are from Canada and they have 7 kids, the youngest just graduated about a week ago. President Harrington has been a bishop, and stake president, and is a temple sealer <3. I am sooo excited to serve with them in the official Barbados, Bridgetown mission. Today we are all going as a zone to check out a house that belonged to George Washington so that's exciting :D I am doing great here and earlier this wek I had the most wonderful experience so far! We taught a lesson to a woman and the spirit was going back and forth telling Sister Lometo and I to share certain scriptures and liken them to this woman and her situation and it was truly amazing. The spirit was so strong and she was crying (happy tears) so hard every time we shared a scripture  and the spirit prompted me to invite her to be baptized on August first and then she just let the tears flow and she said, "that's my birthday! and I would love to! I will" I WAS SO HAPPY!!!! I was crying, the spirit was so strong and beautiful, I lOVE this gospel!! It is for everyone!

It is officially the rainy season and out of nowhere, we will be soaking wet, but it's still burning hot! So weird to me! The most comforting smells here to me are the rain, campfire, horse poop, and ramen, which basically sums up and large section of my childhood, but every other smell is foreign, even the air tastes foreign! It's really cool to experience a different culture and climate! :D I am caught off guard every time I talk to a white person and they have and bajan accent though, it throws me off every time, haha! Well I am a happy sister missionary and I love you all!!! 
-Sister Conrad

P.S, Giant caterpillar!!!

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