Sunday, August 23, 2015


Hello everyone! 
How are you!? I love you all!! I am in GRENADA! I have fallen in love with this place and these people, oh my goodness. Grenada is basically a bunch of baby mountains put together and as soon as I saw it I wanted to jump out of the plane, haha :D I love it here! My companion, Sister Fisher is wonderful! She wants to work hard, be obedient, and she has a passion for this gospel of Jesus Christ--- What more could I ask for? I am blessed. I am so filled with gratitude to my Heavenly Father <3 I love Him so much. He ANSWERS PRAYERS, every single one of them. We met a part member family here on..two days ago and they have seven children, one due this week, two bedrooms, no electricity, and no food and I LOVE THEM. My heart just swelled as we met each child and they embraced us so quickly, I felt like I was home <3 I'm getting emotional just typing about it. The people here have such big hearts and they are so very humble in many ways. The children really melt my heart, something I just adore is that they call me "Miss" every 10 seconds :D It's sooooo sweet and I don't know, I just love them all. The branch here is filled with med students from the United States and their wives, they are not many members that are actually Grenadian, but just now the church will be full of them :D We hiked to a waterfall today with the Elders. There are only us four sisters here in the entire country. How blessed I feel to be one of them! God is so good. Keep sharing the gospel with everyone. I love you all dearly.
 Hugs and handshakes,      
-Sister Conrad

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