Monday, September 21, 2015

Love is spoken here

Hey everyone! 
Well it's hotter than EVER here in Grenada, but I love being here! The work is going good :) We have met some really great new investigators and the family that we had the mud slide with came to church on Sunday!!! :D Yay!!!! The little girls ran up and tackled me at church and they all wanted to hold my hand and sit by me and braid my hair during sacrament, I felt so loved. Well for the first time since primary I sang in sacrament! Hah, not by myself of course, the four of us sisters sang Love is Spoken Here and I was shocked when people actually cried. Or it just sounded that bad, hehe. The members here are so wonderful, I am always amazed at their dedication and especially the overwhelming love the local members have for the missionaries <3. It's such a blessing. This morning, a member named Roger and another named Mathew (who has his mission papers in!) and an investigator took us on a hike to a few waterfalls! :D We picked guava and had fresh sugar cane and mangoes, so it was fantastic. Even greater though than the adventures we have here, is the spirit that is felt when we pray together or go into investigators homes and share the gospel with them. We had a lesson for the first time with a woman two days ago and an hour after she actually came to the relief society activity with us!!! :D She said she loved being around the women and she felt really good and encouraged and when we were in her home I know she felt the spirit <3. My heart goes out to the people here and all the trials they are trying to go through on their own and I want so badly to help them see they don't have to do it alone, they have Jesus Christ. I love the Savior so much and as I read the scriptures, it helps me understand his personality and character more and more. I am amazed at the love He has for all people as I read about the works He did and does. I'm more and more amazed at Him. He's so Wonderful. 
Well I hope you all have an amazing week reading your scriptures :D I love you!!!! 
-Sister Conrad

Sunday, September 13, 2015

" small and simple things.."

This week was so fast! President and Sister Harrington came to Grenada this week for Zone Conference and so did Elder Cornish (of The Seventy) and his wife :D It was so spiritually edifying and uplifting :D I just love this work. I had a wonderful experience following the spirit this week with Sister Fisher. We were going to an appointment and when we got there our investigator was not home and as we were walking away out of the corner of my eye I noticed a guy at the next apartment building walking outside, smoking and I thought about turning back to talk to him, but Sister Fisher was already ahead so I was still deciding and then a ton of images and feeling came into my mind of how the gospel could change this stranger's life and I felt overwhelmed with the spirit and told Sister Fisher, "Stop! We have to go back". So I turned around, walked right up to Him and started talking and he looked very caught off guard and confused, but we ended up talking for awhile and we sat down and he opened up to us. While he was talking he suddenly stopped and said "I never talk to people and tell them these things, I don't trust anyone, it's surprising that I'm talking to you. I came outside earlier and then went back in, but something tole me I needed to go outside and when I did I saw you two missionaries, but you were walking away and then for some reason you came back". When he said that, I felt the weight of my decision to turn around and I am so grateful the spirit told me to come back, because it was prompting him also. God works in wonderful ways. Well the next day we went to teach a different woman in the neighborhood and turns out it's his sister in law! It was so cool! We were so happy :) I know that "by small and simple things are great things brought to pass" through God's power. If we can just listen to the spirit and then follow it, amazing things will happen :D. I promise. I love being a missionary! Here's a pic of me with a donkey to brighten your day ;) Hehe.
 Well, I love you all, have a great week!!!! 
-Sister Conrad