Sunday, October 11, 2015


 Was not conference just the greatest thing ever!!! I LOVE the apostles and prophets and various leaders of our church!!!! I am so grateful for their marvelous words and kind loving hearts. Their words reminded me so much fo the goodly parents I ahve been born unto. My Dad, for being such a great teacher and finding many many opportunities to share His spiritual knowledge with me from very young and my Mother, for her Christlike example in all she has done. I couldn't stop thinking about them. They have shaped my life and my testimony and my eternity. I love the promise of the spirit of Elijah. Family are the most important unit, PERIOD. I understand that just a little more now. I am so grateful for families!!! Heavenly Father loves us so much!!!!! Last night we had the opportunity to teach a very new investigator. She is 18 years old and she truly understood when we taught her the restoration and she wants to find out if it is true :D Her deep love for her family was inspiring. the family unit is attacked so strongly here in the carribbean and in most cases, satan's influence is frustrating. It breaks my heart. So make a list of all your family members and what sacred ordinance they need next and plan what you can do to help and support them to get there. The gospel is simple. It's centered on Jesus Christ, our Savior <3 And the gospel blesses our families <3 Isn't that cool? Well, I love all of you and am very grateful for your prayers. Here's a pic of Sister Maico and I in our super cool African dresses, hehe. I love serving here, I don't want to leave. These people have my heart. 
Have a great week, 
Sister Conrad

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