Monday, October 19, 2015

Hewwo :D It's me :)

HI! :D 
This week was soooo fun!!! OUr Sister Traning leader, Sister Lamb, and her companion, Sister Rindlisbacher came from Grenada to train us and see how we were doing and I love them so much!!! Six sisters in one appartment, the spirit was SO strong and the fun was contagious!!! I love learning and growing from spiritual giants around me! I am so grateful to be here at THIS TIME <3. I am so grateful, I jsut want to shout hymns from the top of a mountain--- My God is and awesome God!!! :D I lvoe that Heavenly Father listens to each word we speak and knows the words we don't and that he answers us. He is so loving. About a week ago we had our first lesson with a woman, named Naomi, and I am just blown away by how prepared she is and my heart is so full of lvoe for her, I don't even know what to say, I love her!! She is due with a son soon and she came alll the way down this crazy hill to come to our relief society activity this week and she had a blast!! It was amazing! And the members were so great about being her friend and getting to know her and making her feel welcome, it was a party ;D I have way too much fun as a missionary, but it's not all fun and games. I know that. But I am happy and grateful and stand in awe of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father and how involved they are in every life on this Earth-and in Heaven <3 He loves us!!!!!!!!! This morn we hiked (quite a hike btw) up to the top of a mountain here called mt. Quaqua and ohhmygosh I could see every single side of the island, like I was on the tippy top and it was amazing. Our whole Zone hiked up there and we sang "I am a Child of God", because that's what we are. "If we but learn to do His will, we'll live with Him once more". How great is that? <3 I love you all and hope your week is spiritually uplifting, if it's not, then go watch General Conference and it will be <3. The words of the prophets alive and deceased, will anser your prayers and give you guidance and help you understand more about God's plan than you ever realized or ever will, until you listen. 
Keep up the missionary work back in the blessed United States, I love you all!!!! 
-Sister Conrad

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