Sunday, November 29, 2015

​Hi Everybody! 
This week has been so full of tings to say, I just don't know I will have to pick and choose! Yikes! So, best ting first, Bradley was baptized on Saturday!!!! Yayyy!!!! Sister Maico and Provstgaard have been teaching him and he's amazing!! And he wants to serve a mission!!! :D Ahhhh!!!! I'm so happy I was able to be a witness of that ordinance :D Next, our investigator, M, is doing fabulous!! He has been to institute the past two weeks and he came to house meeting on Saturday night!! House meeting, is basically FHE, except not on Monday, and with members and nonmembers that don't have a whole family to have an fhe with :) It was the very first house meeting in our area! :D I was so excited to get it started, I ahve been trying since I got here, and it finally happened. Also on the way to house meeting, Elder Mills and Elder Monroe met these two young siblings, twins, and they invited them right then and they actually came!!! I was amazed! Then the greatest thing ever is that when we showed up for church in the morning, one of the twins was there!!! :D Yayy!!!!! I was shocked, she must have been curious about the gospel and feeling the spirit. We found out she lives in our area so Sister Timaia and I are going to teach her on Thursday! Yay!!! I also won that beeeeautiful painting I am holding in the picture at the Relief Society activity last week and I was so excited because I LOVE that song. It's the song I sing in my head whenever I need to be cheered up or make a hard decision, ever since primary, it's been the song in my head. One of the members here painted it :).  The temple is so important and I love being there, I miss it and "i'm going there someday!" :D. I've been thinking a lot about covenants on my mission and have decided that those who keep there baptismal covenant have to be sharing the gospel with those who don't and do already have it. It's in the covenant! :D There's a term we use as missionaries for members who are willing to do missionary work, we call  them "kingdom-builders". How cool is that? Christ spent his entire life sharing the gospel. Aren't we trying to be like Him? <3 :). He's the kindest person to have walked this earth and I am so grateful for His willingness to come and be our Savior. He was so willing. When the Father asked Him, He was PREPARED and WILLING. I want to be like that!! One day at a time. My Time to serve as a missionary full time is extremely short, it almost makes me anxious! I don't want to miss anyone I'm supposed to meet or teach! AH! I encourage and invite every one of you to ask a friend or stranger to come to church with you this week. "And if ye shall labor all your days in bringing even one should unto great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of My Father." -JESUS CHRIST <3 That's a promise!! :D Some fun facts:

-I've baked more this week than any other week of my life I think (which is a lot!)
-I don't like candied yams!
-I'm actually sick, but it's not bad, just a little cold, I promise
-Being a missionary is THE BOMB
-Having a companion that is learning English causes us to laugh  A LOT
-We have 5 progressing investigators!
-It still hasn't snowed! 
-I got electricuted a few days ago....
-Today we are having Thanksgiving with the Senior couple, the Monks :D <3

I love you all!!! See ya next week!!! -Sister Conrad

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