Sunday, December 13, 2015

Hiiiii! :D
 Good to talk to ya'll! 
This week we had Zone Conference and it was amazing! I love President Herrington so much! We studied the conversion fo Peter, the Apostle and there are these super cool bible videos that are a few minutes long each on that you should go watch! I'm so excited it's almost Christmas!!! This week our Zone is going caroling at the hospital and I'm so stoked! :D This past week and a half we have a new investigator named Shonelle and I love her!!! She has a fiver year old girls that's about half as tall as me! They are wonderful, and they are actually friends with our Branch President :). I don't have a whole lot to report this week, but the work will go on! We've hit some road bumps, but I know Heavenly Father will consecrate our afflictions for our gain :D I'm so excited to see who He puts in our path next :). There's a story in the Book of Mormon that keeps circling back through my thoughts this week and it's the Book of Enos. I absolutely love his story and it's fascinating to me. He tells how he was hunting in the forest and the words his father, (Jacob) often taught Him concerning eternal life and Jesus Christ sink into his heart and feeling or understanding what they actually mean, the very first thing he does is gets on his knees and prays to Heavenly Father the rest of the day asking for repentance. Isn't that incredible? And after he had been praying til after it was dark, the voice of the Lord comes unto him saying, "Enos, they sins are forgiven thee". And he ask, "Lord, how is it done?" and the Lord answers, "Because of thy faith in Christ, whom thou hast never before seen nor heard." 😄 His story just hits my heart and I'm so grateful that he wrote it down to share it with all of us. I invite you all to go read the Book of Enos this week and ponder his experience :). It's about two and one half pages, so not too long ;). You will love it, I promise. Even better, you'll feel the spirit. Well, I just want to say that I know that Jesus is the Christ and I love Him.              

  -Sister Conrad

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