Monday, May 16, 2016

Monday, March 21, 2016

Easter is coming!

I know this is a super short email, but here goes :). So we are doing much better with member work this week!!! Yay! We have two members that live in our area and they are less active, so member work is a bit difficult, but we are finding success! A recent convert, named Jonathon came out teaching with us this week and it was awesome!! I was so touched, as were our investigators by his testimony. He wasn't afraid to share what he knew, not even a bit and he was able to teach with power and love because of it. The influence of members is so great and powerful and necessary. Missionaries are there for a few months, but members stay. I invite all of you to make it a goal to go out with the missionaries once a month. This coming month is the perfect time. The Savior did everything He could do for us to have eternal life; we can do a little and a lot to help others have it too <3 :). I love you all and I am really grateful for the encouragement you give me!! I know we are all where we are at for a reason, usually for many reasons and whatever situation we are in, no matter how difficult, can work out for our gain, and for others, if we ask our Heavenly Father what He wants us to do. "What lack I yet?". Much love!!!! -Sister Conrad

p.s. put your best foot forward!

Monday, March 14, 2016

babtism and strengthening testimony

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sweet above all that is sweet

So GUESS WHAT!>!>!>??? 
We are teaching a family of seven and they want to be baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot express the joy and love I feel around them, they are a gift from God :D. There are seven of them and the kids adore us, I can honestly say I have not felt so much love in a family here in St. Lucia as i do when we visit them. We have been blessed to see them THREE times in one week! :D The 13 year old, Molinda, taught the Restoration back to us and it was perfect, she's a secret genius I'm pretty sure. Wow, my heart just about bursts with joy after every lesson, we always feel the spirit with them so strong. We are also teaching a man we found named John. I called him to invite him to institute and he showed up! We've never even taught him, just contacted him on the street and then he came to church Sunday! At the end of church we had a lesson with him and it was a sweet experience. I felt so strongly the love God has for him and felt that I needed to testify of it to him and the spirit was overwhelming. I've never felt like more of a servant of God on my entire mission than I did right then. It was very special to me. I'm glad I can share it with all of you. I know God's love is real and it is "sweet above all that is sweet". I am so happy to be in His service. I'm grateful for my Savior and that I can come to Him on the conditions of Repentance <3. I need it! Today Sister Maico and I are flying to Barbados for MLC, I'm so excited! Also yesterday was Independance Day, so that's why I'm emailing today. 
Have a wonderful week everyone!!!! 

Monday, February 1, 2016

first week of St. Lucia!

This is gonna be short and messy! 
I love you all and want you to know that I am SO HAPPY to be a missionary!!! Ssiter Maico and I are doing just peachy here in our first week and we've experienced some miracles already :D Especially seen how sweetly our Savior and our Father in Heaven love us :D <3 i was able to bear my testimony and speak in sacrament yesterday and I just love feeling the spirit. I am so unworthy to represent my Savior, but I am so grateful he lets me <3 I felt the most peaceful reassuring feeling that this is where the Lord wants me as our plane touched down in St. Lucia. I love it so far. I love the branch, our area, and the missionaries. I am so happy every day. Missionary work is an adventure. I am grateful God seeks to help me to be humble. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true. I love you <3 
-Sister Conrad
p.s. next weeks email will be longer, promise!!!!!!!! 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Transferred to.....St. Lucia!

Alright, let's get this over with....I'M GETTING TRANSFERRED! :( :(  I'm getting sent to St. Lucia and my new companion is none other than..........SISTER MAICO!!!! HAZZAAHHHH!!!! :D <3 We are being called as Sister Training Leaders over St. Lucia and possibly Grenada. I am really sad to be leaving Grenada, my heart is broken a little, but I know that this is what God wants me to do and because of that, I know everything is going to be okay. What would I do without the gospel of Jesus Christ?! It gives me ultimate peace. I have been saying goodbye to all my family and friends here and it has been tough, but fulfilling. I am so grateful to everyone I have met and the experiences that I've been through. I LOVE GRENADA!!!!!!! <3 I'm going to miss Sister Timaia, she is exactly the person I have needed to learn from the past three months <3 And I'm reallyyy going to miss Sister Provstgaard, Grenada is in good hands. I know that my Redeemer lives, I know He loves me and I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the Lord's kingdom on the Earth. I love you all!!!! Here's some facts for fun:

-Sister Maico is the one who welcomed me off the plane in Barbados and flew with me here to Grenada and she is a crazy Fillipino. 
-Saying goodbye makes me feel like I'm leaving home again....
-I officially like SPAM
-My area in St. Lucia is called Castries (google it)
-I love my Savior Jesus Christ 
-I am not ready to be an STL, but things will be alright, if I humble myself and lean on the Lord <3
-The seasons still haven't changed......

Bus stops

Hey!!!! I am almost out of time, but I wanted to tell you all that we had a family we've been teaching come to church on Sunday!!! YAYY!! It was the best day ever!! They loved church so much and they are excited to get to know the members and want to be a part of the branch! Yay miracles!!!! I am so happy, I am just so happy for them. The gospel of Jesus Christ is happiness. That's the end of that. I can finish my email now. Haha. Also Sister Timaia and I had a crazy experience where we both felt strongly prompted to take a bus in the OPPOSITE direction of where we were supposed to go, so we got on the bus and then got off when it felt right and it was pouring rain, so we were just standing under the bus stop, wondering what we were supposed to do next. Then after a minute or two, we were about to start walking and a woman asks us if we can call someone for her because she was stranded there and her phone died so we said yes and made the call and got talking with her and had so much fun and we tolled her who we were and she was really interested to learn more about the gospel!! She is in the Elders area, so hopefully they will take good care of her :D. But we walked away laughing and feeling super happy that she was the reason we were prompted to get on the bus :). I love the spirit!! I'm so grateful to be here and to serve these people. We are focusing our efforts righ t now on three families that we are working with and it's amazing the love that I feel for people when we first meet them and we're all just strangers, especially me haha, and I know that it comes from Christ. He's so Wonderful. I love you all and pray that you will read the scriptures daily. Have you ever admired that person you know who just seems to have this special knowledge of the scriptures and can quote them and that seems to think so deeply about them? Well, they didn't get there, by any other means than reading them one page at a time and pondering them and no matter how busy we are, we can make time for them. i love the scriptures and I know if we read them every day, the light of Christ will enter our lives and our hearts if we let it. The scriptures will answer your questions....isn't that cool? Sincerely, 
                  -Sister Conrad

Monday, January 11, 2016

lime juice and pig snout

Monday, January 4, 2016

2016!! Happy new year!

Happy 2016 everyone! :D
 My New Year's Eve was great, we had Rebellicious burgers and sparkling cider in our apartment, ahha. I'm so happy to be in Grenada and serving a mission this wonderful new year. I can't thank my Heavenly Father enough for this. I studied the Atonement and pondered it a lot yesterday before sacrament and during testimony meeting I felt the spirit SO STRONG I thought my chest was going to explode, so I bore my testimony and the words of our beloved prophet entered my mind as soon as I did, saying, 
"Regarding one's testimony, that which he willingly shares, he keeps, while that which he selfishly keeps, he loses"..
That really struck me and I felt the love that Jesus Christ has for me so much and I know for a fact there is no way any of us are going to be fit for His kingdom without His atoning sacrifice that was personally made for each one of us. He wants to heal us, He wants to help us be happy forever. He wants to help us improve our selves and our lives. He wants us to live with Him again. If we're not keeping the commandments, we will not receive all of His blessings. It's as simple as that. I have this extremely short period of time to prepare myself to meet Him again and I know that I'm not anywhere close to where I need to be. That's what I've been thinking this week. It was a good week. The work has picked back up yay!!! We are working with some wonderful sons and daughters of God that I want to help soo badly! <3 I love them!! I know the spirit will soften their hearts to follow Him and hear His voice, we just have to do our best to bring this message to them. Sister Timaia is so great, she is always uplifting me and encouraging me whenever I need it <3. I'm so grateful for her Christlike love. She taught Sister Maico and I to sing the Spirit of God in Kiribati last night! It was so cool! she started freaking out saying, "your'e speaking my language, youre' doing it right!". Haha, it was nice. We had a really neat experience last night actually we went to a part member family and the member we went to see was not home, but her mom actually let us in and we talked about our Savior, Jesus Christ with her and I know she felt the spirit and when we went to leave she said, "I wish you could've stayed longer. You can come back next Sunday." :D I was sooooo happy!!! She NEVER let us in before and I've been here for almost half a year! It was a sweet miracle to me <3. I'm taking my Dad's advice, "Teach them Christ". Both my Dads <3. This morning we went to see a waterfall and to my wonderful surprise I got to have a monkey on my shoulder so my 2016 has been made ;). 
Hehe. Have wonderful week everyone!!!!! I love you!!