Monday, January 25, 2016

Bus stops

Hey!!!! I am almost out of time, but I wanted to tell you all that we had a family we've been teaching come to church on Sunday!!! YAYY!! It was the best day ever!! They loved church so much and they are excited to get to know the members and want to be a part of the branch! Yay miracles!!!! I am so happy, I am just so happy for them. The gospel of Jesus Christ is happiness. That's the end of that. I can finish my email now. Haha. Also Sister Timaia and I had a crazy experience where we both felt strongly prompted to take a bus in the OPPOSITE direction of where we were supposed to go, so we got on the bus and then got off when it felt right and it was pouring rain, so we were just standing under the bus stop, wondering what we were supposed to do next. Then after a minute or two, we were about to start walking and a woman asks us if we can call someone for her because she was stranded there and her phone died so we said yes and made the call and got talking with her and had so much fun and we tolled her who we were and she was really interested to learn more about the gospel!! She is in the Elders area, so hopefully they will take good care of her :D. But we walked away laughing and feeling super happy that she was the reason we were prompted to get on the bus :). I love the spirit!! I'm so grateful to be here and to serve these people. We are focusing our efforts righ t now on three families that we are working with and it's amazing the love that I feel for people when we first meet them and we're all just strangers, especially me haha, and I know that it comes from Christ. He's so Wonderful. I love you all and pray that you will read the scriptures daily. Have you ever admired that person you know who just seems to have this special knowledge of the scriptures and can quote them and that seems to think so deeply about them? Well, they didn't get there, by any other means than reading them one page at a time and pondering them and no matter how busy we are, we can make time for them. i love the scriptures and I know if we read them every day, the light of Christ will enter our lives and our hearts if we let it. The scriptures will answer your questions....isn't that cool? Sincerely, 
                  -Sister Conrad

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