Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sweet above all that is sweet

So GUESS WHAT!>!>!>??? 
We are teaching a family of seven and they want to be baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot express the joy and love I feel around them, they are a gift from God :D. There are seven of them and the kids adore us, I can honestly say I have not felt so much love in a family here in St. Lucia as i do when we visit them. We have been blessed to see them THREE times in one week! :D The 13 year old, Molinda, taught the Restoration back to us and it was perfect, she's a secret genius I'm pretty sure. Wow, my heart just about bursts with joy after every lesson, we always feel the spirit with them so strong. We are also teaching a man we found named John. I called him to invite him to institute and he showed up! We've never even taught him, just contacted him on the street and then he came to church Sunday! At the end of church we had a lesson with him and it was a sweet experience. I felt so strongly the love God has for him and felt that I needed to testify of it to him and the spirit was overwhelming. I've never felt like more of a servant of God on my entire mission than I did right then. It was very special to me. I'm glad I can share it with all of you. I know God's love is real and it is "sweet above all that is sweet". I am so happy to be in His service. I'm grateful for my Savior and that I can come to Him on the conditions of Repentance <3. I need it! Today Sister Maico and I are flying to Barbados for MLC, I'm so excited! Also yesterday was Independance Day, so that's why I'm emailing today. 
Have a wonderful week everyone!!!! 

Monday, February 1, 2016

first week of St. Lucia!

This is gonna be short and messy! 
I love you all and want you to know that I am SO HAPPY to be a missionary!!! Ssiter Maico and I are doing just peachy here in our first week and we've experienced some miracles already :D Especially seen how sweetly our Savior and our Father in Heaven love us :D <3 i was able to bear my testimony and speak in sacrament yesterday and I just love feeling the spirit. I am so unworthy to represent my Savior, but I am so grateful he lets me <3 I felt the most peaceful reassuring feeling that this is where the Lord wants me as our plane touched down in St. Lucia. I love it so far. I love the branch, our area, and the missionaries. I am so happy every day. Missionary work is an adventure. I am grateful God seeks to help me to be humble. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true. I love you <3 
-Sister Conrad
p.s. next weeks email will be longer, promise!!!!!!!!