Sunday, July 5, 2015

Hi everyone!! 
Thank you for all the emails and love and prayers!!! "My cup overfloweth.." :D . I feel so blessed to be here and serve my God, my King! I love being a missionary! This Sunday I got to be with the primary kids for 2 hours! Wow, let me tell you, they have so much energy, if only every missionary had that much! I have a new found appreciation for the primary teachers! haha :D This little boy here, his name is Joshua and him and another little girl just completely embraced me and would not leave my side! It was sooo sweet, i thought of Jesus when he blesses the little children in the Book of Mormon. Go read those chapters!!! It's and incredible experience and example of the Character of Christ <3 I love my Savior and I know this is His Gospel <3 It's his <3. He wants so much for us and has done everything He can to help us and heel us. On another note, I want everyone to know I have the weirdest companion ever. And I love it, I am so blessed to be with Sister Lomato and serve with her and learn from her. She gave a talk in sacrament on Sunday and she spoke english almost perfectly!! It was amazing! The gift of tongues is so real and it amazes me to see it before my very eyes. Well I love you all to Oregon and back and love to hear from you! 
<3 Hugs and handshakes, 
Sister Conrad 

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