Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas on Grenada

 In the words of Sister Phillips, "I AM SO HAPPY!". My one Carribbean Christmas will always be a treasure in my heart, specially since it's in Grenada. This week was rough as far as proselyting, but I'm not giving up. Sister Timaia and I went back and recontacted some people that Sister Fisher and I previously taught and several of their hearts have been softened and they want to meet with us again and I'm so stoked!! Our Zone went caroling in the streets and at the Hospital! This week was emotionally rough too, but only because some of my best friends got transferred to other islands and a few finished their missions and I am so proud of them. I love missionaries! I know it is a privilege to stay here another transfer and I am so happy and excited to see what it will bring :D. Heavenly Father is definitely humbling me and testing me and I am grateful that He loves me enough to do so. I find so many answers to my prayers as I study the scriptures and ponder how they can be applied to me and often, it cuts my pride apart, but that is a good thing :) I know that scripture study and daily communication with our Father in Heaven, in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ, is spiritually vital. We NEED it. It's also a great honor. I love them so much, this Christmas season rocks!!! A holiday where the whole world is celebrating the birth of our Savior!!! Yay!! it's the perfect time to reach out to a friend and invite them to feel the spirit at church or a fireside, or at our homes. It's always the perfect time actually ;). Anyway, thank you all for the Christmas and birthday wishes!!!! I love you all and I hope you have a white Christmas!!!!!! 
Hugs and handshakes,
 -Sister Conrad

Monday, December 14, 2015

 I cannot express my joy for this transfer<3. I feel so blessed. So this week was ccrraazzzy and we had a lot of unexpected and seemingly randomn errands to run and it really cut into our proselyting time so it was kind of discouraging, but we did the best with what we had! We set a baptismal date with a family we are teaching and are so excited for them! We are trying ot focus on reactivating less actives in our area right now and it's going pretty well. I'm so happy to be serving hre in the Christmas season, I am definitely with family and friends <3. I miss you all very much, but there is no where else I'd rather be right now. Something else exciting that happened is that a guy that Sister Fisher and I were teaching months ago called this week and wants us to teach him again! Yay!! Oh and investigator M is doing fantastic, he is set to be baptized on Jan 2nd, and I pray that it will happen, he is so ready! As for my birthday, today has been a really special day and a happy and sad one. The Elders called this morning and them and the sisters all sang happy birthday to me and we had a barbeque on the beach and it was so sweet of them. Our Zone is changing a ton and I am so sad to see some amazing missionaries go to other islands and some on their way back home, it's felt like family, but I know this is all in the Lord's hands and that means exciting and wonderfully challenging adventures are on the way in the next  weeks. I'm so grateful for the testimonies of each missionary, member, non member and each of you back home that has been shared with me this season. You all really touch my heart and I feel so loved by you and my Father in Heaven. I know for a fact that He loves each of us and that He is constantly trying to help us and show us His infinite love. The greatest way He has done that is through His son, Jesus Christ. He offered us salvation in and through His Only Begotten Son if we have faith in Him, and obey His commandments. He loves us. The both love us more than anything. I'm trying to change and become a more effective servant for Him, and I am seeing how extremely imperfect and in need of His help that I am. But I am so grateful that I can change. It makes me so happy!!!! :D P.S. this air conditioning is freezing me to death, I think I'm getting used to the heat. Well, see ya on the flip side, 
-Sister Conrad 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Hiiiii! :D
 Good to talk to ya'll! 
This week we had Zone Conference and it was amazing! I love President Herrington so much! We studied the conversion fo Peter, the Apostle and there are these super cool bible videos that are a few minutes long each on that you should go watch! I'm so excited it's almost Christmas!!! This week our Zone is going caroling at the hospital and I'm so stoked! :D This past week and a half we have a new investigator named Shonelle and I love her!!! She has a fiver year old girls that's about half as tall as me! They are wonderful, and they are actually friends with our Branch President :). I don't have a whole lot to report this week, but the work will go on! We've hit some road bumps, but I know Heavenly Father will consecrate our afflictions for our gain :D I'm so excited to see who He puts in our path next :). There's a story in the Book of Mormon that keeps circling back through my thoughts this week and it's the Book of Enos. I absolutely love his story and it's fascinating to me. He tells how he was hunting in the forest and the words his father, (Jacob) often taught Him concerning eternal life and Jesus Christ sink into his heart and feeling or understanding what they actually mean, the very first thing he does is gets on his knees and prays to Heavenly Father the rest of the day asking for repentance. Isn't that incredible? And after he had been praying til after it was dark, the voice of the Lord comes unto him saying, "Enos, they sins are forgiven thee". And he ask, "Lord, how is it done?" and the Lord answers, "Because of thy faith in Christ, whom thou hast never before seen nor heard." 😄 His story just hits my heart and I'm so grateful that he wrote it down to share it with all of us. I invite you all to go read the Book of Enos this week and ponder his experience :). It's about two and one half pages, so not too long ;). You will love it, I promise. Even better, you'll feel the spirit. Well, I just want to say that I know that Jesus is the Christ and I love Him.              

  -Sister Conrad

Sunday, November 29, 2015

​Hi Everybody! 
This week has been so full of tings to say, I just don't know I will have to pick and choose! Yikes! So, best ting first, Bradley was baptized on Saturday!!!! Yayyy!!!! Sister Maico and Provstgaard have been teaching him and he's amazing!! And he wants to serve a mission!!! :D Ahhhh!!!! I'm so happy I was able to be a witness of that ordinance :D Next, our investigator, M, is doing fabulous!! He has been to institute the past two weeks and he came to house meeting on Saturday night!! House meeting, is basically FHE, except not on Monday, and with members and nonmembers that don't have a whole family to have an fhe with :) It was the very first house meeting in our area! :D I was so excited to get it started, I ahve been trying since I got here, and it finally happened. Also on the way to house meeting, Elder Mills and Elder Monroe met these two young siblings, twins, and they invited them right then and they actually came!!! I was amazed! Then the greatest thing ever is that when we showed up for church in the morning, one of the twins was there!!! :D Yayy!!!!! I was shocked, she must have been curious about the gospel and feeling the spirit. We found out she lives in our area so Sister Timaia and I are going to teach her on Thursday! Yay!!! I also won that beeeeautiful painting I am holding in the picture at the Relief Society activity last week and I was so excited because I LOVE that song. It's the song I sing in my head whenever I need to be cheered up or make a hard decision, ever since primary, it's been the song in my head. One of the members here painted it :).  The temple is so important and I love being there, I miss it and "i'm going there someday!" :D. I've been thinking a lot about covenants on my mission and have decided that those who keep there baptismal covenant have to be sharing the gospel with those who don't and do already have it. It's in the covenant! :D There's a term we use as missionaries for members who are willing to do missionary work, we call  them "kingdom-builders". How cool is that? Christ spent his entire life sharing the gospel. Aren't we trying to be like Him? <3 :). He's the kindest person to have walked this earth and I am so grateful for His willingness to come and be our Savior. He was so willing. When the Father asked Him, He was PREPARED and WILLING. I want to be like that!! One day at a time. My Time to serve as a missionary full time is extremely short, it almost makes me anxious! I don't want to miss anyone I'm supposed to meet or teach! AH! I encourage and invite every one of you to ask a friend or stranger to come to church with you this week. "And if ye shall labor all your days in bringing even one should unto great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of My Father." -JESUS CHRIST <3 That's a promise!! :D Some fun facts:

-I've baked more this week than any other week of my life I think (which is a lot!)
-I don't like candied yams!
-I'm actually sick, but it's not bad, just a little cold, I promise
-Being a missionary is THE BOMB
-Having a companion that is learning English causes us to laugh  A LOT
-We have 5 progressing investigators!
-It still hasn't snowed! 
-I got electricuted a few days ago....
-Today we are having Thanksgiving with the Senior couple, the Monks :D <3

I love you all!!! See ya next week!!! -Sister Conrad

Monday, November 16, 2015

Hey Ya'll! :D
 I miss your faces!! Guess what!?!??! Sister Timaia and I taught the Restoration for her first time this week and even though her English is nto perfect, I insisted that we both take turns teaching, because up until then, she was teaching a lil bit and I was teaching the rest and guess what happened?! THE SPIRIT was SO STRONG, my heart was on fire! When she was teaching, it was so simple and beautiful and our investigators, Cathy and Kamal felt it too <3 Gosh I'm so excited for them! They are in Chapter two of the Book of Mormon and are reading it as mother and son :D Isn't that amazing?! :D They is a HUGE focus on families for missionaries and it's sooo important that our families have the gospel and are united it in. The family is the most important social unit in life and in the eternities. I'm so grateful for my family. I know we will be together forever! :D :D :D. I've been reading in 2 Nephi and I love how much knowledge and hope there is in the word of Jacob, Nephi, and Isaiah. They testify that we will be the ones to bring the gospel to all the world. That is what Heavenly Father EXPECTS of us :D He trusts us <3 And He loves us. He wants EVERYONE to return to Him, not just a few families. "Because I have been Given much I too must give". Sharing the gospel is more fun than we usually realize and it's what will fill us with JOY! I love you all!!! Please keep sharing the gospel and reading the Book of Mormon! Tahnk you for your prayers <3 See you next week, 
Sista Conrad

Monday, November 9, 2015

new companions

Week 2 of this transfer has commenced! :d My new companion, Sister Timaia is wonderful and is going to grow so fast, I can just see it! She is still learning English so that's fun, haha :D It usually ends up in us laughing ;)). She was in the MTC for EIGHT WEEKS! Gosh, that is forever, but now she is here with me, and I am so happy to have her. So Last night I have NEVER seen and heard so muh thunder and lightning i in my life! I LOVED IT!! It was like a firework show!!! BUT it's not so great for misssionary work, because when it rains here, everyone hides in the houses and don't want to do anything, so our appointments cancel a lot. But everything happens for a reason; those who really want to learn the gospel will be willing to meet with us still. So within the first few minutes of Sister Timaia going out into the field, we got drenched, but like me, she loves the rain! :D Guess what?! Our investigator, M. is doing awesome!!! I have only had one treat a day for two weeks and he is doing great with overcoming smoking! I am so proud of him! He is the  best, I love our investigators so much, I just want to take them all home with me. We have about 6 baptisms set for December and I am working and praying that they all keep going strong and following our Savior, Jesus Christ <3. I'm so glad we have a Savior. Those words don't even cut it, but you know how I feel ;). I love the Gospel so much. I'm so grateful for the members here. I can see their eyes opening and their hearts changing and they are becoming more missionary-minded. They are truly keeping their baptismal covenant. What a blessing. Grenada feels like Home <3 I have struggles, but nothing comes close to what the Savior can do and help me to accomplish in this work if I do it His way <3. Guess what else!? I got the package from my Mom and I just want to say THANK YOU to those of you who signed the beach ball!!!!!!!! <3 <3 I lOVE it! It made my week!! I got it last Monday and I was sooo excited, also the coloring pages and letters from the kids, THANK YOU! Hey, to those of you or to those of you who know someone who is considering a mission, but have not decided or have recieved an impression to go, but have not decided to follow it yet:
     From my personal experience, GO AND SERVE. Just GO!!!!! You will NEVER regret it and it will change your life and it will change you and bring you closer to the Savior, more than you even know. I plead with you, go serve your Savior, and your family. It's amazing. Go. It's one of the best decisions I have ever made. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 
-Sister Conrad

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Well I know I already said that I experienced the hottest day of my life, but last Saturday topped that! Gosh, it's been crazy here! Yesterday was Grenada's Thanksgiving so you know we slept with ear plugs in ;). On eo four investigators came to the Thanksgiving function at the church though and he liked it! We had a lesson with him later that day, and he said he felt the spirit! He knows the gospel so well from studying the bible, he basically taught us the great apostasy and he believes that Joseph Smith really was a prophet! We invited him to be baptized and he said he will work towards it!! Yay!!! We are teaching a family that we found and they are soo wonderful, I get so excited when we get to go teach them. They have two little kids and I love them so much!! When they see us coming up the road they run down and tackle us! :D There was a baptism on Saturday!! An 8 year old boy got baptized and his mom is a member. She said that Saturday morning, she jokingly told him, "I'm too tired to go to the church today", and he responded, "Fine, well then I'll go by myself because I AM getting baptized!". Haha, that was awesome XD. We started to meet with a new investigator named M, and he wants to change his life so bad. He was expressing his frustration about his weaknesses and I showed him Ether 12:27 
"And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness . I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them." He loved it so much, he was like, "Do you have any other scriptures like that in this book?!" (the Book of Mormon) :D Hhahaaha :D I wrote down a list for him to read and every now and then we text him a new one. He's so great, I love humble people! I need to be one. I love you all!! I invite you to read Ether chapter 12 and think about the principle of FAITH <3. It's the first principle of the gospel. Here's a pic of our Zone here in Grenada, also a few locals, and minus a few missionaries. 
Have a great week!!!! 
-Sister Conrad

Monday, October 19, 2015

Hewwo :D It's me :)

HI! :D 
This week was soooo fun!!! OUr Sister Traning leader, Sister Lamb, and her companion, Sister Rindlisbacher came from Grenada to train us and see how we were doing and I love them so much!!! Six sisters in one appartment, the spirit was SO strong and the fun was contagious!!! I love learning and growing from spiritual giants around me! I am so grateful to be here at THIS TIME <3. I am so grateful, I jsut want to shout hymns from the top of a mountain--- My God is and awesome God!!! :D I lvoe that Heavenly Father listens to each word we speak and knows the words we don't and that he answers us. He is so loving. About a week ago we had our first lesson with a woman, named Naomi, and I am just blown away by how prepared she is and my heart is so full of lvoe for her, I don't even know what to say, I love her!! She is due with a son soon and she came alll the way down this crazy hill to come to our relief society activity this week and she had a blast!! It was amazing! And the members were so great about being her friend and getting to know her and making her feel welcome, it was a party ;D I have way too much fun as a missionary, but it's not all fun and games. I know that. But I am happy and grateful and stand in awe of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father and how involved they are in every life on this Earth-and in Heaven <3 He loves us!!!!!!!!! This morn we hiked (quite a hike btw) up to the top of a mountain here called mt. Quaqua and ohhmygosh I could see every single side of the island, like I was on the tippy top and it was amazing. Our whole Zone hiked up there and we sang "I am a Child of God", because that's what we are. "If we but learn to do His will, we'll live with Him once more". How great is that? <3 I love you all and hope your week is spiritually uplifting, if it's not, then go watch General Conference and it will be <3. The words of the prophets alive and deceased, will anser your prayers and give you guidance and help you understand more about God's plan than you ever realized or ever will, until you listen. 
Keep up the missionary work back in the blessed United States, I love you all!!!! 
-Sister Conrad

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Rain, Thunderstorms, and love!

this week has been soaking wet!! Haha! :D And luckily, plenty of thunder and lighting, which i LOVE! Also crazy wind storms and things, it's so nice of a break from the intense heat we've been having. It's still hot, but just a little cooler. This is me hiding under a stranger's porch in a rainstorm. Happened quite a bit this week. So we have several new investigators that I am so excited to teach! I love them! Sometimes I am amazed at how prepared they are for receiving the gospel in their lives and when they don't accept it, I just want to cry. I can imagine that's a piece of what Heavenly Father feels when he offers us something wonderful, and we don't accept :( Last night was rough, but at the end of the night we had a miracle. We have taught a 19 year old gal and her mum a couple times and they were sooooo excited about Joseph Smith and then we weren't able to see them for several weeks, but finally last night we had a lesson with them and the father unexpectedly decided to join! :D He didn't tell us at the beginning of the lesson, but he is a Pastor at a church and after sharing the message of the Restoration he said he will read the Book of Mormon!! YAY!!! He said, "If what you're saying is true, then every person in your church should be working really hard to get the message out". How right he is!!!! I'm so grateful to be here at this time! So facts for the week:

-there are fireflies here!!!!! <3
-Everyone wants to hold hands with me. EVERYONE :(
-We hike (yes, hike) 8-10 miles each day
-I cook for the sisters here ALOT
-I LOVE my companion! She is already a boss missionary
-There are now 12 missionaries in Grenada!!! And 8 of them are in one little branch! WHOA.
-I took Elder Something's challenge to 'ponderize' a scripture every week for the rest of my life, so hold me accountable please, Last week it was 1 Corinthians 2:9
-I invite you to take his challenge!!! 
-A few weeks ago the radio guy said it was 94% humidity! What's 100%? A flood?!
Well I love you all dearly and I am so grateful for your prayers and love and encouragement, it keeps me going ;D Love you!!! 
-Sister Conrad

Sunday, October 11, 2015


 Was not conference just the greatest thing ever!!! I LOVE the apostles and prophets and various leaders of our church!!!! I am so grateful for their marvelous words and kind loving hearts. Their words reminded me so much fo the goodly parents I ahve been born unto. My Dad, for being such a great teacher and finding many many opportunities to share His spiritual knowledge with me from very young and my Mother, for her Christlike example in all she has done. I couldn't stop thinking about them. They have shaped my life and my testimony and my eternity. I love the promise of the spirit of Elijah. Family are the most important unit, PERIOD. I understand that just a little more now. I am so grateful for families!!! Heavenly Father loves us so much!!!!! Last night we had the opportunity to teach a very new investigator. She is 18 years old and she truly understood when we taught her the restoration and she wants to find out if it is true :D Her deep love for her family was inspiring. the family unit is attacked so strongly here in the carribbean and in most cases, satan's influence is frustrating. It breaks my heart. So make a list of all your family members and what sacred ordinance they need next and plan what you can do to help and support them to get there. The gospel is simple. It's centered on Jesus Christ, our Savior <3 And the gospel blesses our families <3 Isn't that cool? Well, I love all of you and am very grateful for your prayers. Here's a pic of Sister Maico and I in our super cool African dresses, hehe. I love serving here, I don't want to leave. These people have my heart. 
Have a great week, 
Sister Conrad

Monday, September 21, 2015

Love is spoken here

Hey everyone! 
Well it's hotter than EVER here in Grenada, but I love being here! The work is going good :) We have met some really great new investigators and the family that we had the mud slide with came to church on Sunday!!! :D Yay!!!! The little girls ran up and tackled me at church and they all wanted to hold my hand and sit by me and braid my hair during sacrament, I felt so loved. Well for the first time since primary I sang in sacrament! Hah, not by myself of course, the four of us sisters sang Love is Spoken Here and I was shocked when people actually cried. Or it just sounded that bad, hehe. The members here are so wonderful, I am always amazed at their dedication and especially the overwhelming love the local members have for the missionaries <3. It's such a blessing. This morning, a member named Roger and another named Mathew (who has his mission papers in!) and an investigator took us on a hike to a few waterfalls! :D We picked guava and had fresh sugar cane and mangoes, so it was fantastic. Even greater though than the adventures we have here, is the spirit that is felt when we pray together or go into investigators homes and share the gospel with them. We had a lesson for the first time with a woman two days ago and an hour after she actually came to the relief society activity with us!!! :D She said she loved being around the women and she felt really good and encouraged and when we were in her home I know she felt the spirit <3. My heart goes out to the people here and all the trials they are trying to go through on their own and I want so badly to help them see they don't have to do it alone, they have Jesus Christ. I love the Savior so much and as I read the scriptures, it helps me understand his personality and character more and more. I am amazed at the love He has for all people as I read about the works He did and does. I'm more and more amazed at Him. He's so Wonderful. 
Well I hope you all have an amazing week reading your scriptures :D I love you!!!! 
-Sister Conrad

Sunday, September 13, 2015

" small and simple things.."

This week was so fast! President and Sister Harrington came to Grenada this week for Zone Conference and so did Elder Cornish (of The Seventy) and his wife :D It was so spiritually edifying and uplifting :D I just love this work. I had a wonderful experience following the spirit this week with Sister Fisher. We were going to an appointment and when we got there our investigator was not home and as we were walking away out of the corner of my eye I noticed a guy at the next apartment building walking outside, smoking and I thought about turning back to talk to him, but Sister Fisher was already ahead so I was still deciding and then a ton of images and feeling came into my mind of how the gospel could change this stranger's life and I felt overwhelmed with the spirit and told Sister Fisher, "Stop! We have to go back". So I turned around, walked right up to Him and started talking and he looked very caught off guard and confused, but we ended up talking for awhile and we sat down and he opened up to us. While he was talking he suddenly stopped and said "I never talk to people and tell them these things, I don't trust anyone, it's surprising that I'm talking to you. I came outside earlier and then went back in, but something tole me I needed to go outside and when I did I saw you two missionaries, but you were walking away and then for some reason you came back". When he said that, I felt the weight of my decision to turn around and I am so grateful the spirit told me to come back, because it was prompting him also. God works in wonderful ways. Well the next day we went to teach a different woman in the neighborhood and turns out it's his sister in law! It was so cool! We were so happy :) I know that "by small and simple things are great things brought to pass" through God's power. If we can just listen to the spirit and then follow it, amazing things will happen :D. I promise. I love being a missionary! Here's a pic of me with a donkey to brighten your day ;) Hehe.
 Well, I love you all, have a great week!!!! 
-Sister Conrad

Sunday, August 30, 2015

One Full Week!

Hi everyone! 

This week From being chased by dogs, to the propane tank flaring out at our feet, to sweating more than I ever have in my life, to watching an old lady beat a cat with a stick, and feeling the Lord's hand guiding me and reminding me that he will always be there,'s been a full week. So full. Grenada is already dear to my heart and guess what!!!? Our investigator, Denny, has a baptismal date!! Yayyy!!! I am sooo excited! He is amazing, when the sisters first met him he was cussing and being mean to his sister and now he is one of the sweetest young men I have ever met and it is amazing to see the Atonement of our Savior, Jesus Christ work in his life. ANYONE can change. Anyone. Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God. Yours, mine, every single person around you. They are of great worth and they have such infinite potential. There has been some hard moments this week, when I just wasn't sure what to do, but as I plead to the Lord for help and listen for answers, he guides me. I know he will never abandon me and I hold on to that knowledge. His love is so immense. At times when we are teaching others, I feel this swelling love for them and it is overpowering, I know it's the spirit , helping me and changing my heart to love those around me how Christ does. He love us so much. I am extremely grateful to the members here in Grenada that are willing to come out to teach with us, who truly want to share the gospel in every way they can and they are not selfish, they are loving and giving of their time and testimonies. It's great. Well, that's all for this week. I love you all. I love the Book of Mormon, the Church is true!!!!!!!!! It's true.                 
    -Sister Conrad

Sunday, August 23, 2015


Hello everyone! 
How are you!? I love you all!! I am in GRENADA! I have fallen in love with this place and these people, oh my goodness. Grenada is basically a bunch of baby mountains put together and as soon as I saw it I wanted to jump out of the plane, haha :D I love it here! My companion, Sister Fisher is wonderful! She wants to work hard, be obedient, and she has a passion for this gospel of Jesus Christ--- What more could I ask for? I am blessed. I am so filled with gratitude to my Heavenly Father <3 I love Him so much. He ANSWERS PRAYERS, every single one of them. We met a part member family here on..two days ago and they have seven children, one due this week, two bedrooms, no electricity, and no food and I LOVE THEM. My heart just swelled as we met each child and they embraced us so quickly, I felt like I was home <3 I'm getting emotional just typing about it. The people here have such big hearts and they are so very humble in many ways. The children really melt my heart, something I just adore is that they call me "Miss" every 10 seconds :D It's sooooo sweet and I don't know, I just love them all. The branch here is filled with med students from the United States and their wives, they are not many members that are actually Grenadian, but just now the church will be full of them :D We hiked to a waterfall today with the Elders. There are only us four sisters here in the entire country. How blessed I feel to be one of them! God is so good. Keep sharing the gospel with everyone. I love you all dearly.
 Hugs and handshakes,      
-Sister Conrad

My next new Home!

I love you!!! Soooooo on Saturday we got our Transfer Calls!! Sister Conrad is going to be serving in........(drum roll please)............GRENADA!!!!!! Whooooo!!!!!! I will be transfered there on Wednesday (we think, haha) and I will be training a 23 year old and opening a new area! Ahhh! Her name is Sister Fisher and she is from Utah and is a college graduate, that's all I know about her so far, I will meet her tomorrow :D I am so ecxited and nervous! I'm stoked to serve in Grenada!!! I hear it is gorgeous there :D I am praying so hard that I will be a good trainer; I'm still so new, but I have confidence in the Lord and His plans <3 He knows best! (Or he's punishing poor Sister Fisher for something, I don't know, hehe ;) ). Yesterday was branch conference here in Barbados and guess who came to visit?! Elder Cornish of the Seventy. Yes please. The spirit was burning so strong as he spoke and I have such a firm and loving testimony for the Prophet and Apostles today. They are Holy men. They are not perfect. They are special witnesses of Jesus Christ and they will never lead us astray. "Follow the prophet, follow the prophet, follow the prophet, don'tgo astray....". I love being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; it gives me so much comfort and HAPPINESS. I love the Book of Mormon, it is dear to my heart. You will love your Savior and feel more love from Him as you read it. I promise. Guess what? Investigator Anthony is in 2 Nephi Ch. 3! :D I am sooo happy for him and it breaks my heart that I will not be here for his baptism. I love the people here, members, non-members, and missionaries <3 I love this work!!! The attached picture is with a Sister here in our branch, Sister Brathweight, she is a true kingdom builder! She comes out with the missionaries all the time and does whatever it takes to get to the temple! How amazing is that? You know why she does that? It's because SHE GETS IT. She understands the gospel, she lives the gospel, and she loves her Her Savior more than herself <3. Sister Maico is coming to Grenada with me! She's the gorgeous phillipino girl in the pic :). Anyway, I love you all. Keep reading the scriptures and never stop coming to church. 
Hugs and Handshakes, 
-Sister Conrad

Transfer week....

It's the wierd white girl who is awkward and always talking about Jesus and ride a bike in a skirt...I love mission life!!! I am doing great! This week is transfers and I feel something is going to change and I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for Barbados! Sorry this is so short! I love you all and I feel your prayers, they mean so much to me!! I have felt the spirit so much this week and GUESS WHAT!!? The family we are teaching came to church on Sunday for the first time!!! And The Mom bore her testimony in Relief Society! :D :D  Isn't that amazing?! She is so brave and the spirit works miracles in every person if they yield to his promptings and I am just so grateful I was here at this time to witness that and I just love miracles, big small, whatever, they all are gifts from God worked by our faith 
<3 Hugs and handshakes, 
Sister Conrad

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hi everyone! 

Short time this week, but I wanted to share this one thing. A less active member we have been working with and who promises to come to church every week and never does CAME TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY! :D I was taken back by how much joy I felt to see her at church, in the right place, it touched my heart <3 The members were shocked that she actually came. She hasn't, but a few times in the last 20 ish years, so it was a miracle and it made me feel full. "And if ye shall labor all your days in bringing save it be one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of my Father". The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only way by which we can find eternal happiness. I know this is true and I love it. 

Hugs and handshakes,
 Sister Conrad

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Hot and rainy

Hi Everyone!!! Happy late fourth of July!!!!! Guess what?!?!?! The new mission president, President Harrington and his wife got here on Thursday!!!! We got to meet them and they are AMAZING!! <3 I love them so much!! They are so down-home and like family! I just love them <3 President Harrington is so in tune with the spirit, it's like he can read your mind, it's awesome, especially during interviews. They are from Canada and they have 7 kids, the youngest just graduated about a week ago. President Harrington has been a bishop, and stake president, and is a temple sealer <3. I am sooo excited to serve with them in the official Barbados, Bridgetown mission. Today we are all going as a zone to check out a house that belonged to George Washington so that's exciting :D I am doing great here and earlier this wek I had the most wonderful experience so far! We taught a lesson to a woman and the spirit was going back and forth telling Sister Lometo and I to share certain scriptures and liken them to this woman and her situation and it was truly amazing. The spirit was so strong and she was crying (happy tears) so hard every time we shared a scripture  and the spirit prompted me to invite her to be baptized on August first and then she just let the tears flow and she said, "that's my birthday! and I would love to! I will" I WAS SO HAPPY!!!! I was crying, the spirit was so strong and beautiful, I lOVE this gospel!! It is for everyone!

It is officially the rainy season and out of nowhere, we will be soaking wet, but it's still burning hot! So weird to me! The most comforting smells here to me are the rain, campfire, horse poop, and ramen, which basically sums up and large section of my childhood, but every other smell is foreign, even the air tastes foreign! It's really cool to experience a different culture and climate! :D I am caught off guard every time I talk to a white person and they have and bajan accent though, it throws me off every time, haha! Well I am a happy sister missionary and I love you all!!! 
-Sister Conrad

P.S, Giant caterpillar!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Hi everyone!! 
Thank you for all the emails and love and prayers!!! "My cup overfloweth.." :D . I feel so blessed to be here and serve my God, my King! I love being a missionary! This Sunday I got to be with the primary kids for 2 hours! Wow, let me tell you, they have so much energy, if only every missionary had that much! I have a new found appreciation for the primary teachers! haha :D This little boy here, his name is Joshua and him and another little girl just completely embraced me and would not leave my side! It was sooo sweet, i thought of Jesus when he blesses the little children in the Book of Mormon. Go read those chapters!!! It's and incredible experience and example of the Character of Christ <3 I love my Savior and I know this is His Gospel <3 It's his <3. He wants so much for us and has done everything He can to help us and heel us. On another note, I want everyone to know I have the weirdest companion ever. And I love it, I am so blessed to be with Sister Lomato and serve with her and learn from her. She gave a talk in sacrament on Sunday and she spoke english almost perfectly!! It was amazing! The gift of tongues is so real and it amazes me to see it before my very eyes. Well I love you all to Oregon and back and love to hear from you! 
<3 Hugs and handshakes, 
Sister Conrad 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Heyyyy ya'll!

Ij Iakwe eok! Kwe emmon tatta!!! Ejet emor? (Hi! I love you! You're the best! How are you?) Well Sister Lometo is proud of my marshalese learning! Hehe ;) I am doing great! Guess what!? Yesterday was my first transfer call right before this mission is splitting so it was the call that would decide what mission I will actually be in for the next 16 and a half months! I will be serving in..........the Barbados Bridgetown mission!! Yayyy!! I am also staying with my companion, Sister Lometo, for the next three months in our same area :D Which is soooo great because I really want to continue working with and serving the sons and daughters of God here <3 We have a family that has committed to baptism!!! YAYYY!!! I love them so much!!! They are like family <3 Spreading the gospel is such a blessing. I'm honored to be a missionary and it is so very humbling :))) I am learning more and more about how simple and beautiful Jesus Christ's Gospel is, especially when sharing it. I know Jesus Christ is my Savior, I know He is your Savior. We cannot do this without Him and why would we want to? I love Him!!! Words cannot express His love and power and glory. So a little info on my life here in Oistins, Barbados: We ride bikes or walk in our area :) Our area is pretty darn safe, so don't worry Mom ;) We serve in a branch that is pretty tiny, but full of love. Whenever someone asks a question here and the answer is "yes", they always say, "yes please" :) It's pretty fun. The money here is about 2 Bajan dollars for every one U.S. dollar. It finally rained last night!!! They have been in a drought since the start of June, which is the start of the rainy season. You could live off of the fruit you find on trees here, it's so interesting and awesome! I am not tired of mangoes yet, now way, but most of the other missionaries are. Well I have to go, but I love you all so much and I appreciate your prayers and emails. Have a great week and don't forget to share the gospel!!!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Iakwe everyone!!!! :D

I am in Barbados!!! This is where the new mission home will be when the West Indies mission reverts back into two missions: 1) Barbados, Bridgetown Mission and 2) Trinidad, Port of Spain Mission. The West Indies Mission is the most complicated mission in the world. So many countries all in one, it's insane all the work the Lord does for us to make His Work here possible. He really loves His children. Last week I flew to the mission home in Trinidad and met the Mehrs!!! <3 They are the Mission President and his wife and let me tell you, they are both individual, spiritual forces and together they are truly powerful representatives of Jesus Christ in His work. I am honored to serve with them for about a month and a half while the West Indies Mission still exists. I am excited to meet the new mission President though :) :) So I don't even know where to start! There is so much that has happened! Well I can tell you that missionary work is hard!  Haha! It is so wonderful though! On Wednesday I flew to Barbados and met my trainer, Sister Lometo, in the airport because were were both being held in customs! That's a whole other story ;) Here's the crazy thing, Sister Lometo has been serving in Grenada and was sent here to train me even though she has not quite been a missionary for even three months!! Her training is not even finished; God works in mysterious ways! :D :O She is a true saint though <3 She is from the Marshall islands and has just learned English, so there is a language barrier sometimes between us, but when I listen with the spirit and not my own ears, I can understand her perfectly fine. It's amazing. She is a convert, she was found by the missionaries just three years ago and she has such great faith. It is interesting to be in a new country, with new words, and new food, and new people, and new everything! I must say evergreen trees are 1000 X better than palm trees, hehe. I love it here though. I am adjusting to the humidity pretty well, which is a miracle in and of itself. So Sister Lometo and I are both new to Barbados, we don't know anyone, or where anyone is or even our own address! It's called blanking, in missionary lingo. Normally your trainer knows the area and people before you get there. It goes without saying that our first day we got lost! Haha, it wasn't funny much at the time, but now it's hilarious. God has showed us a pattern in our days so far though. We have very hard days with much struggle and rejection, BUT at the end of each day, He shows us His Miracles <3 I am so grateful to the Lord. He truly is trying to help us learn and grow, and bring others to Christ. I will write more when I can, there is so much to say and so little time! Yesterday was Zone Conference and I am spiritually exhausted from it! Which is great! God is so great and He loves us without end. My family will post pictures onto fb for me, the process is so slow on the computer here, sorry. I love you all!!! Ij Iakwe Eok!! (marshalise)
Hugs and handshakes, Sister Conrad <3